– what you get when you cross a free cab ride with karaoke

Am proud to say that last weekend marked the launch of our first idea for Telstra. We call it Cabbie-oke – a culture mash between karaoke and free weekend cab rides.

We wanted to create an experience for the youth of Sydney and Melbourne which was both entertaining, useful and a little surprising.  So we created Cabbie-Oke, a heap of kitted out Cabbie-oke cabs offering free cab rides with a twist every weekend in Sydney and Melbourne. All you have to do is take a breath and belt out a tune for your free ride home (or to the next party).  

We got ‘Sensitive Cabbie’ to get the ball rolling.

For added fun, the ‘bands’ (performers in cabs name their band) have their videos uploaded to the Cabbie-oke youtube channel and every week limited edition Cabbie-oke Xbox 360’s are given away for the best performances who will join the ‘Cream of Cabbie-Oke’.  People who vote on get a chance to win a Nokia E71.

So far, we’ve had some belting performances..some good, some really really bad, but everyone seems to be getting into it.

Here are a selection of some of the bands who got their groove on:

Shake 2 Much

Gang On

Cheeky Possums

Coconut Dreamz

Full bodied yeast infection

And to prove we’ve got a few elderly fans, check out ‘Wounder Bread’ going solo

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