Diesel goes counter culture and encourages youth to ‘Be Stupid’

Diesel global have just launched their ‘Be Stupid’ campaign which is a sort of manifesto against culture’s obsession with being ‘smart’.

I applaud Diesel for trying something new, but I kind of feel this counter culture angle of rebelling against ‘smart’ or culture’s view of what is accepted as smart just isn’t that interesting. I’m just not feeling it at all (and trust me, I want to) I think this idea devalues Diesel position as an aspirational lifestyle brand. I see there strategy as being  subversive and counter culture and trying to align a group of people to their brands viewpoint, but I just can’t figure out who would want to belong to an idea about ‘being stupid’.  This idea will propably have some traction with the Hipster and creative class youth tribes, but other than that, I think it may fall flat. The playfulness of the idea is ‘on brand’, but it just grates at me as being low rent for such a typically dynamic and intriguing brand.  I certainly don’t get the sophisticatel urban cool feel I’ve got from previous Diesel social media initiatives. They use examples of being ‘creative’ as metaphors for being stupid which just doesn’t really make sense in terms of sparking conversations in culture amongst global youth. Realistically, the majority of Diesel’s community want to be seen as savvy and in the know, not stupid.

The most interesting part of this idea is the  social component whereby people from around the world are given the  chance to be part of Diesel’s new music video by getting them to send in footage of themselves ‘being stupid’. They’ll also use this footage as part of Diesel’s 2010 clothing catalogue and link back to these kids personal networks, so there will be self promotion built in which will certainly appeal to 18-21yr olds need for their 15 seconds of fame’.

I might be totally wrong, but this idea isn’t that engaging, however the fact kids could be part of their new music video could save it from being an epic fail.


One thought on “Diesel goes counter culture and encourages youth to ‘Be Stupid’

  1. It’s part of the “Generation O” complex; part of the ethos that’s sprung up alongside the new fad for grandiose optimism is that people are happier when they embrace and believe in things unskeptically, and that’s what “smart” doesn’t do. Smart is too concerned with looking cool, you see…

    I suspect that being “in the know” is going to fall with the hipster hyper-awareness ethos of the early 00’s (see also, “reference comedy”); it’ll be the least interesting thing imaginable to the people coalescing around the new ideology. Instead, we’re going to see a fascination with wholesomeness and authenticity.

    I find the Diesel campaign’s smarmy and irritating — but I also despise “go forth,” think optimism’s overrated and have nothing but contempt for youth culture. So you can probably disregard my critical views.

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