The iGeneration – where everything has to be instantaneous

Just read an interesting NY Times article titled ‘The Children of Cyberspace’. Some really interesting thoughts from Brad Stone. For me, the differentiation between the Net generation (those born in the 80’s) and now in their 20’s and the iGeneration (those born in’90 and the naughties) in how they use digital technology was quite interesting.

 At it’s most basic level, the Net Generation spend 2 hrs a day talking on the phone and using email as their main form on connection, however the iGeneration spend considerably more time texting than talking on the phone and communicates premoninantly on instant networks.

What is most interesting about the iGeneration is their expectation that everything happens INSTANTANEOUSLY…they’ve grown up on a media diet where they find out about events in real time, they can see photos of parties uploaded in real time, their lives are absolutely and completely on show….the result is that they are extremely impatient and are ‘always on’, seeking instant gratification from brands. Make me wait at your peril is a key message to marketers.

This represents quite a challenge for marketers, as our ideas have to more fluid and evolving than every before and involve the community in the outcome of the brands narrative. I believe we’ll see a massive growth in transmedia narratives for todays teens as they want to put their own spin on a brands story and want to see it evolve in real time, not watch a funny ad 5 times.


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