The Impact of the Internet in 5 sentences

Got asked to write a quick story on the impact of the web in 5 sentences. Excuse my overuse of ‘commas’ but  I needed a few more words to get my point across 🙂
Once upon a time there were millions of disconnected people around the world, then the Internet came along and the world became a more social place.
Connections happened around things we love, things we hate, no matter where we live, we’ve all become ‘friends’ as the concept of miles evaporated.
There was a democratization of creativity, as millions of imaginations were liberated and culture is morphed by the many, not the few.
Life sped up as everything was on show in real time for all to see and react to.
When the Internet was created, we became truly empowered to collectively make the world a better place and create real change.


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