The Sun Sound – preventing skin cancer Down Under

The best ideas are always the most simple ones. Well done to the guys at Three Drunk Monkeys here in Australia who have really cracked a simple but revolutionary idea. Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and the issue is particularly prevalent amongst Aussie youth, where getting a tan is seen as culturall acceptable. As a solution to a brief from the Cancer Council to get more people thinking about protecting their skin, Three Drunk Monkeys created ‘The Sun Sound’.

Listen here

It’s basically a 5 second sound which will be trialled at beaches across NSW as a reminded for young people in particular to apply sunscreen and be careful in the sun. Local councils are also looking at implementing it across schools and sporting playgrounds. It’s a simple but potentially culturally groundbreaking idea. The Sun Sound was created by Bondi local and singer Ben Lee. It’s great when you see a simple idea with the potential to really make a difference. Well done Cancer Council and 3DM.

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