Planning is about CULTURE MORPHING

I’ve been thinking about the role planners are now playing in agencies around the world, and my belief is that first and foremost, our job is to try and MORPH CULTURE in order to solve business problems.

We all know that culture (through people) is always changing and at its very heart, subcultures want to change and evolve. Planners now have to not only think about where the brand has come from and where they want to take it, but more importantly, how the brand can create conversations and connect the tribe by morphing culture. This means we’re trying to create tribal ideas, ideas that foster cult like communities, where there is an innate awareness as to whether you’ in or out of that community. People mobilise around ideas or movements which change or ‘morph’ the status quo, they always have, they always will.

Culture Morphing is about creating a ‘new reality’ for people, shifting their views about how they interact with each other and the world. If a brand can play this role and change people’s view on reality by morphing culture, you become an integral and memorable social object to them. And, they’ll more likely than not love you for it.


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