Generation Spiritual – 18yr olds love yoga

So last night I decided to try out Power Yoga in Neutral Bay to help get some flexibility back into my creeking limbs. I rock up at 6.30 to a 32 degree heated room ready to get in touch with my inner yogi. Yes, their were the usual hippy dudes and Byron Bay-esque chicks who all looked like they had been on a hunger strike for a week or two, but what blew me away was that out of the 60 or so people, about a third of them were aged 18-21 – guys and girls. I spoke to a few of them after the class and they all said that yoga was in at the moment and that it was cool to ‘get in touch with your inner self’ (their words not mine). Granted this was a Sydney north shore yoga club and I don’t imagine kids from Parra busting out downward dog in a yoga club, but it was interesting nonetheless. There’s definitely a shift away from the mucho Aussie sports to guys wanting to combine physical fitness with spiritual fitness at the moment. Or, the yoga practice is a new ‘pick up’ spot where young guys and girls go to meet and sweat it out together. Hmm, not quite sure on this one. Namaste !!


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