MC Hammer and his 4 rules of social media

I didn’t go to the Sydney Social Media Club function last night where MC Hammer was talking about social media. I can’t say whether it was insightful enough so I recruited Di Chua, an amazing up and coming Social Media Strategist at DDB Radar to write a guest post for me. Helps she’s also a huuuuge Hammertime Fan. Take it away Di…. 🙂

mc hammer

Di Chua and Clare Anderson with MC Hammer at Sydney Social Media Club

It was a packed house at UTS for the Social Media Club lecture where MC Hammer spoke about his social media experiences. He’s the 14th most influential Twitterer (according to WeFollow) with more than 1.5 million followers. I love MC Hammer and know all his dance steps… So while there were “intellectuals” in the room, I was just dying to scream “I LOVE YOUUuuu!”

Amazingly, he’s more than just a rap star, he actually knows his sh*t.  I have much respect for this guy because he’s in the fireline. I’m in the trenches myself (listening, planning conversational campaigns and managing communities) and it’s really not as easy as it seems. So BOO to all you Hammer haters out there… Do it first, and then judge!

 MC Hammer’s 4 rules for Brands in Social Media:

1)      “Never let someone else tell your story”

– Ties in with authenticity and transparency

– connecting with people humanises your brand

2)      “Be at the center of the flow of information”

– be a “super geek”- you have to touch it, feel it, experience it. He has loads of  smart phones and screens

 – listen and monitor conversations (he even has a screen in his bathroom!)

3) “Perception is more valuable than reality”

– So make sure you manage it

– stay ahead of the story through Rule #2

 4) “If you’re not connected, what are you hiding from as a brand? “

– Don’t run, Engage!

– again transparency is key, people will be suspicious if you’re not open

And finally, he said one must establish a culture in your community. So if someone is being negative and not adding value to your experience then block them. “If you negative, I block you!

The question of the night-

Warlach: Dear MC Hammer, can you give me any advice as to what I can and can’t touch?

Mc Hammer:  “What you can’t you touch? The concept of Hammertime!”

Some interesting learnings here from MC Hammer, although they have to be couched by the fact that often with celebrities they have ‘follow factor’ built in to their handles by virtue of who they are. So applying the same principals to a brand trying to leverage social media needs to be taken with a grain of salt somewhat in my view.


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