The future belongs to those who create

Ajaz Ahmed, Chairman of digital agency AKQA recently presented his agencys core beliefs. I’ve pulled some key thoughts from a post from Nicolas Moerman who attended the conference in London. The above Nike + idea is their latest work which is awesome.  His belief is that  “The future belongs to people who create” which is spot on in the era where ‘doing’ is far more relevant than ‘saying’. He spoke about some key trends that are shaping the technology and media landscape – no major new learnings here, but relevant nonetheless:

– On-demand reality is here

– Media fragmentation and ad-clutter everywhere

– Consumers customize and create

– The profound rise of “Channel Me”

– Marketing and product have converged

– Entering the age of perfect information

– Virtual is reality

What I really found interesting was that based on these trends, these are the internal principals guiding the agencies creation of ideas/platforms etc:

– Think the impossible

– It’s good to be first, it’s better to be good, it’s best to be both

– To create the future live fully in the present

– The best advertising, isn’t advertising

– If it doesn’t capture imagination it’s a no go

– Consumers must be able to answer ‘what’s in it for me’

I especially like the idea of ‘living fully in the present’ to create the future. All too often, people are looking to micro consumer trends to generate insights for their ideas , rather than creating the future themselves by bouncing their brands off pop culture and exploiting tensions in culture.


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