Somebody stop the crowdsourcing..Snickers just don’t get it

tell the snickers story

I said a few weeks back if I saw another youth brand going down the crowdsourcing route and getting young people to make ads for them, I was going to lose it. Well, I just saw on Twitter that Snickers in the USA are doing exactly that, trying to get youth to make ads for them. This is so lame.  As part of the Tell The Snickers Story campaign through Poptent, they are asking people to make either a 30 second TVC or a 30 second viral for the chance to win $5k. This is just ridiculous on many levels. Firstly, why differentiate between a 30″ TVC and viral content.  Viral is what happens to an idea when people want to share it, it’s not an end in itself. Secondly, Snickers are probably the 50th brand to do it this year. Ben & Jerrys, Doritos are a few brands that have done it, there are countless more. Unfortunately what it tells me about Snickers is that they have no clue how to use ‘collaborative creatity’ to engage young people. The reality is, a couple of hundred young film makers will put together some random content, 2-3 of them may be remotely interesting, but most likely none of them will gain any traction at all. Just like the Doritos ‘Make us an ad’ idea. No traction whatsoever wiht youth.  I’m just getting really annoyed with brands who think that by getting young people to ‘make their’ ads’ they think they’re involving youth in the brand. I’ve said before brands need to think of youth as ‘partners in production’ – the thing with this view is that you have to have an idea first that youth can play with, remix, create their own story. Leaving them to do all the work for you, is just down right lazy. Epic Fail Snickers.


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