Coke Expedition 206- Happiness Goes Around

Expedition 206- happiness going around the world for 3 Happy Ambassadors

Expedition 206- happiness going around the world for 3 Happy Ambassadors

Hip Hip Hooray, finally a truly big idea from Coke that celebrates their brand essence of ‘happiness’ in a culturally relevant and interesting way for global youth. I say finally, because the last great thing I saw from Coke was ‘Happiness Factory‘ – sorry guys. They’ve created a killer idea here.  Coke have recently launched Expedition 206 ‘ happiness goes around’. It’s essentially a global expedition to find and spread ‘happy’. Coke are sending a team of 3 ‘Happiness Ambassadors’ around the world to 206 countries over 365 days to find out what happiness truly means to people and to spread optimis – this team is chosen by the public of course.  I like this idea as  it’s trying to contribute and spread some positive love throughout the world. It’s a social idea that will no doubt have a strong following. It also taps into an evergreen global youth need – the thirst for adventure.   Look, ‘Happiness’ as a territory has been done to death by many brand’s, but only Coke can truly take a leadership position on it and there product genuinely delivers on it. Tapping into the positive pyschology trend has worked for many brands and Coke are probably the only global brand that could be this off.  For me (so far from what I’ve seen) , this is a great idea, average execution. They’ve pretty much copied the entry mechanic of ‘Best Job in the world’ and thats fine, stick with something simple that works, the only real difference is that with Expedition 206 it’s about choosing a team of 3 pre-selected 20something’s.  What they are doing well is leveraging all of Coke’s big sponsorship properties in 2010, eg: Winter Olympics  and FIFA World Cup – so the winning team will no doubt be promoted predominantly at these events. After watching alot of the videos of the entrants and what the teams stand for, I guess I was hoping for a little more, but it’s got me enaged enough to want to find out which of the three teams in 2 weeks gets voted by the public as the Happiness Ambassadors.  Well done Coke for spreading the happy.


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