Experimentation is the new engagement – the Funtheory by VW

I’m presenting next week at AIMIA on ‘Experimentation is the new Engagement’ . I’m going to talk about the fact that the future of youth marketing is about creating social experiments with youth, letting them play with ideas, create their own story, help them connect with other members of the tribe. Just found this awesome idea out of VW Sweden called ‘The Fun Theory’. It’s basic psychology brought to life, if you make something mundane ‘fun’, more people will do it. This idea is about making something fun will get people to change their behavious for the better. I love its simplicity and playfulness.  It’s about DOING STUFF for people and in this instance it’s about their curiosity to engage with a fun meme.

To keep fans of these experiments intrigued and  tuned in for the 3rd experiment they have released behind the scene footage of the mechanics involved in developing turning a bottle recycling center into an arcade game


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