How do you PLAY with youth?

Sounds like a dodgy headline doesn’t it?

 But I really think now more than ever brands have to think about how they PLAY with youth,  in terms of the types of ideas they put out into the world. Alex Bogusky once mentioned that it’s about less about your brand story and more about WHAT GAME YOUR BRAND IS PLAYING with young people. I think this is an interesting thought, because any concept of play relies upon interaction between people, it relies upon fun, engagement and you taking away a memory you want to talk about. And games are most fun when you break the rules and freestyle a little. Brands need to think more about what ‘game’ they are creating for young people to be part of. Think about how youth are helping shape the outcome of the game you have with them…it’s less and less about linear narratives where the brand is in complete control. Youth control your brand, not you, so let them in and let them PLAY with your ideas.


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