Generation CHANGE: Empowerment is the new Engagement

Thanks to Paul at Three Billion for a great line ‘Empowerment is the new Engagement’ for youth. We’re now seeing loads of campaigns tapping into the fact that Gen C have been massively empowered through social media platforms in the past few years. They want their voice heard.  If you give them something worth changing, they will mobilise super quickly. We’re now seeing both big brands (Orange Rockcorps) as well as political parties and social good brands tapping into the fact that Gen C are empowered and want to change stuff.

In Australia, the Australian Youth Climate Co-alition has teamed up with World Vision to create YOUTH DECIDE, whereby they are trying to create a grass roots mass movement of young Australians supporting the need for climate change and environmental responsibility in the lead up to Copenhagen in December. The votes from all the rallies will be shared with the Australian government then taken to the UN Climate meeting in Copenhagen in December to lobby for drastic measures to be taken to address the climate change issue. 

They obviously got some good learnings for how Obama used digital networks to spark widescale support and they’ve used social media (Facebook) and a youtube channel to  drum up support for the many rallies they’re having across Australia.  Here’s one video from their youtube channel which communicates what they’re trying to do

This week is VOTING week and last week they posted this video to show how they were going with organising rallies

It’s a great example of the youth ‘enviro tribe’ mobilising quite quickly via digital platforms and if you give Generation C something worth changing they will mobilise en mass.

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