Off to Nokia World in Stuttgart to present

Things may be a little quiet around here for the next week as I’m about to head off to Stuttgart Germany to present at Nokia World 2009. I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to present on how global youth are using social media to connect with each other and how brands are leveraging social media. My presentation is about creating ‘tribal ideas’, as opposed to thinking about social media in isolation. I’ve got some new thinking in it which I’ll be posting on slideshare mid next week and sharing with you all. I’m also hoping to see truckloads of cool new technology and will be reporting back on all of that as well. Also hoping to sneak in a quick visit to the Porsche Museum..what would a trip be to Stutgart withouut stopping by…me being a car nut and all. Back in a week. Auf wiedersehen !

1 thought on “Off to Nokia World in Stuttgart to present

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