Texting can be deadly..shock tactics may actually work on this one

Anyone who reads my blog will have seen me talk about the mobile phone as being ‘social oxygen’ for youth. Well, it is also now the main culprit for 18-24yr olds having fatal car accidents. In the UK, 50% of 18-24 yr olds have texted whilst driving in the past 6 months. This graphic piece of content produced in Wales is causing controversy and is being aired around the world as we speak.

Although typically I’ve been against FEAR tactics to stop youth using drugs, alcohol abuse I think this is a different kettle of fish. Young people don’t realise the consequences of ‘driving and texting’ so I believe this form of shock tactics will create behaviour change amongst the 16-18yr olds for sure. The older teens, early 20 somethings will probably disengage.

For me, the thing I like most about it is it feels very AUTHENTIC and tells a story. The majority of drink driving/speeding ads targetted at youth are very ‘manufactured’ in that young people feel bulletproof and never think it’ll happen to them. This piece of content is different. Am going to show it to my posse of 18yr olds and see what they think, but I think this would cut through in Australia, which goes against the norm for the majority of ads using fear tactics. Thoughts?

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