Mobile as ‘social shield’ for youth

I’ve written alot about how Gen C are the ‘Connected Collective’ and how they can’t live without their mobile phones. It is their social oxygen. But another phenomenon is occurring which is interesting. I was talking to a 17yr old today about how important her mobile is to her social life and she brought up an interesting point:

Sometimes if I see people I don’t like coming towards me, I’ll pick up my mobile pretend I’m dialling a number or checking a text…so they don’t come near me..they know not to interrupt you if you’re on your mobile” Kate, 17

So, youth are now using their mobiles as ‘social shields’…they use it to disconnect physically from those around them. I wonder whether this is just a one off thing from a inner west Year 12 kid or a phenom amongst a whole generation of youth who are using their mobiles as ‘shields’. Just thought it quite interesting the two very different aspects of connection (disconnection) the phone plays in their lives.


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