Be more Social – The Ford Fiesta Movement

I’m a big believer in the fact that youth brands wanting to connect with those born after 1979 have to be more SOCIAL in the way in which they engage. In order to mobilise ‘followers’ they need to invite them in, give them something to do, empower them in some way. But most importantly , give them something worth talking about, or CHANGING. The Ford Fiesta Movement campaign has been around for a few months and has started to hit its straps. It’s a social media campaign to launch the Ford Fiesta in America. In terms of youth, they themselves are helping to CHANGE peoples negative perceptions of the brand. Alot of work to be done here.

one of the Fiesta Movement 100 change agents

one of the Fiesta Movement 100 change agents

Essentially they’ve recruited (via youtube auditions) 1000 ‘change agents’, who have each been given a new Ford Fiesta (a year before they actually launch) and have 6 themed adventures (1 a month) to complete. It’s a great example of a big brand being more social in the way it engages with youth and letting the community co-create content. They just facilitate the interaction in their cool little car. Will it work? Maybe. Is it ballsy? Yes. Ford deserves a bit of credit for pushing something new into the social media space and having a god. Whether  it’s an actual ‘movement’, I don’t think so as they’re not really changing anything important to youth if we’re honest…. but it’s a great example of leveraging a fan base as being your message carriers and creating a social idea.


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