Axe Double Pits to Chesty- straying from the brand idea

I loved working on Axe at BBH, learnt alot there and met some great people. That’s why it pains me to say that I’m not a huge fan of the relatively new ‘Double pits to chesty’ campaign.

 The strategy here is pretty simple, as the brand grows older, every few years they have to educate a new generation of pubescent teens on how to use body spray, so this is an education job. They’ve used a whole series of  sports (tandem diving, skating, moto x, juggling) to bring this idea to life.The Axe brand has and always will be about giving guys the edge in the mating game. Unfortunately, apart from a token end shot with a hot chick, this ad (or the others) doesn”t hit the mark. The problem for me is that although the product is central to the ad, the role of the product giving guys the edge in the mating game is incidental. This feels generic and dare I say it, won’t start much conversation amongst youth. There are loads more interesting moto x /extreme sports clips on youtube right now.  I can name at least 20 youth brands (let alone the leader of extreme sports Red Bull) who have created real content in this vein that’s far more engaging and spreadable for youth. 90% of the work on Axe stays true to the emotional core of ‘attraction’ and giving guys the edge in the mating game, in my opinion this feels like a weird place for Axe to be.. Expecting a bashing from my old workmates now, but I’ve got to keep it real.


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