My Nokia World 2009 youth presentation

I’ve been asked to speak at this years Nokia World conference in Germany in September. I’m pumped, but a little nervous as well, will be a big audience, but I’m looking forward to sharing my views. I’m presenting on how youth brands are using social media to effectively engage young people. Specifically I’m talking about ‘tribal ideas’ and some principals that brands should think about when they are looking at how they mobilize youth around their brand. As Gareth Kay says, it’s all about ‘social ideas’ first and foremost, the channels should take care of themselves. I’m gonna be talking about culture jamming, open source ideas, youth as cyborgs, weak links vs strong links in communities, velocity of ideas and of course, i’m going to bring some new thinking to the table on my favourite topic… Generation C. Lots of work to do on it so do let me know if you have any thoughts 🙂


One thought on “My Nokia World 2009 youth presentation

  1. Sounds awesome. Will you share? Curious about language – noticing a lot of teen and early 20s lady bloggers using language even Sex in the City would censor, writing in ways that some guys may talk but probably wouldn’t use when writing.

    Would love to read about that – where it comes from, how far’s too far, who influences what’s ok and what’s not… and how. Frankly frank.

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