Gesture Marketing to Youth

In terms of youth marketing, there will always be a role for the big ‘broadcast’ piece of content that is a rallying cry  to excite, entertain or inspire them. However, more than ever I feel the best youth brands are succeeding by creating lots of ‘MICRO INTERACTIONS’ – intimate gestures of unexpected utility which make their life easier, better or more fun. Yes, it’s all about brand utility and ‘doing stuff’ before you say stuff. It’s shifting from thinking about BROADCASTING  a message to NARROWCASTING a conversation with youth. Creating ‘intimate gestures’ which are far more organic, involving and seeking collaboration from the community/tribe.  I really believe youth brands need to start thinking about what unexpected and interesting ‘gestures’ they can make to youth – intimate gestures that either make them feel special, help them belong, help them express, help them believe or just plain out entertain them…it’s all about ‘intimate gestures’ and whispers that are sparked as opposed to shouting down to youth 🙂 Thoughts?

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