Nike Chalkbot – getting your Livestrong message on the pavements of the Tour De France

Love this idea. Nike’s new Livestrong campaign for the Tour de France has a cool piece of technology that brings the messages of the fans right up close with the riders. The campaign idea ‘Is About you’, tapping into the fact that this isnt about Lance Armstrong per se, it’s about the millions of cancer sufferers who are ‘living strong’. The cool part is a robot. It’s called “Chalkbot” and was built by DeepLocal and StandardRobot. Chalkbot is a machine that can quickly write chalk messages on road surfaces.  A tradition of the Tour de France is for spectators to urge riders on with messages written on the road. Nike is giving people the chance to go to or Tweet or text their 40-character messages to be chalked on the roads in France. You’re asked to complete the sentence “It’s about…” They’ll then get an email with a link to a map showing where their message was chalked. Nike says it’ll chalk over 100,000 messages. Feels real, feels raw, feels inspiring.


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