Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ – inspiring Generation ‘O’ (Optimism or Obama)

Wieden & Kennedy Portland have just launched their latest work for Levi’s and I’m impressed, I think it will definitely strike a chord with American youth. American youth want to be proud of being American for a change, and this campaign helps them do that.  I worked a little on the brand at my time at BBH New York and I’m happy to see the brand stand for something ‘bigger’ than just sex appeal and make their heritage mean something.   The campaign has been designed to connect the 150-year-old brand with the youth of today, tapping into the fact that this generation is patriotic about the US and optimistic about life. 

 Doug Sweeny, vice-president for Levi’s brand marketing, said of the young Americans at whom the campaign is aimed: “They’re realists — they understand the challenge. They’re optimistic about the future, they can project forward. We found that really powerful and tried to evoke it in the campaign.”  So, they’re talking to Generation Optimism or Generation Obama (as we like to call it)  who want change, and levi’s is the quintessential American brand who can help reflect a new brighter future for youth. I think this campaign is culturally relevant in todays environment when youth are searching for something/peopel to believe in. I especially like the manifesto piece which sets the tone for this new brand belief. Will be interesting to see how global youth react to it in other Western cultures, but I think the thought of  ‘Go Forth’ is globally relevant despite its obvious US history connotations. Well Done Levi’s.

Levi's 'Go Forth' manifesto....the return of the manifesto, havent seen one like this since Impossible is Nothing

Levi's 'Go Forth' manifesto....the return of the manifesto, havent seen one like this since Impossible is Nothing

Levi's Go Forth outdoor

Levi's Go Forth outdoor

6 thoughts on “Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ – inspiring Generation ‘O’ (Optimism or Obama)

  1. beutiful spot raw and unfiltered pure as pure can be for an agency making something because the client can’t make there own, but one thing for as american and raw as it is LEVIs needs to possibly start manufacturing in america, that would be cool, the mone y spent on maketing with big ticket ad campaigns and the million plus ofor these shhots and buys , bring production back stateside and go viral bitches, american made american proud.

    i am a levis man for ever 501 and 507 even bought into the hirst levis nice work nce cut, and i don;t even reallycare but it would be coo, if they actually made them here.. an entire american line…charge a premium…for usa, word. suck it seven ad all the other bedangled guy jeans are gay gay.


  2. I find it somewhat heartening that Levi’s is using the words of Walt Whitman, a man who died more than 100 years ago, to appeal to America’s youth. Less heartening: the fact that no one seems to notice that they are the words of Walt Whitman, though it was mention in the press release about the campaign.

    Also, in this America, the youth seem to be either black or white.

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  4. David Culiner came up with a manifesto in 2002 that became the center of the lovethislife brand of apparel, jewelry, art, gifts, etc. To date, over 350,000 lovethislife tees have been sold in the US and 12 other countries. Obviously, many people are tired of just advertising a status brand name and now want to make a more personal statement while rocking some cool threads.
    Good job Levis, lovethislife, March Forth and other brands who are sharing thought provoking images and messages.

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