What’s happening at your BRAND PARTY

Defining the right tone and personality is critical for all brands looking to differentiate in a world of sameness. It’s especially critical for youth brands looking to inspire young people and give them a sense of belonging. Whether you’re a challenge brand or the market leader, you need to be able to paint a picture of both what your brand stands for (brand idea) but also how it behaves and interacts with it’s community (brand personality and brand values). Creating the right brand personality usually is a collaborative workshop style task between agency folk and clients, but it’s really important to include your target audience in this process, as they give you a real check as to whether you’re off the mark or not. There are numerous exercises you can do to define your brand personality, one that I like is called the BRAND PARTY – essentially you hypothesize as to what your brand party would be compared to your closest competitors.. You ask questions like:

What are they wearing?

How do they get there?

What type of party is it?

What drinks / food are being served?

Who do they talk to?

What do they talk about?

What music might they dance to?

What time do they leave?

What does the room look like?

What else is going on?

It can be alot of fun and give you an idea of what personality attributes and relationship with youth you’re really after. It’s a bit of fun, but I’ve found it really useful in creating differentiated brand personalities for sub-brands where there are many brands within a portfolio.


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