5 thoughts from interview with Tim Cahill

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Cahill this week for a campaign I’m cooking up, gonna be killer in 2010. In my investigation I pulled out some interesting thoughts:

1. Tims Mantra: “He who has the desire to win will always win, even when he loses”

I found this really inspiring, Tim spoke about (in a non wanky way) that despite losing to Italy in the World Cup, he felt he had already won just by getting to the World Cup, scoring the goal against Japan in the 1st game and overcoming adversity/injury just to get there.


Tim was told as a kid playing in Sydneys western suburbs that he was too frail and not strong enough to follow his dream as a pro soccer player. He dedicated his whole training regime to becoming ‘stronger’ which he feels makes him a strong player on the field mentally, despite the fact he’s relatively small.


His magic formula is quite simple, he surrounds himself my his family which extend to his close mates who are always HONEST with him and he totally dedicates his life to training, prehab, rehab, eating right, living right…no BBQ’s during season, a  complete focus and dedication to getting better every year.


Tim spends alot of time doing visualisation exercises where he pictures himself scoring goals, getting up for the header, powering the scissor kick. He said that if he hasn’t scored in a few games, he goes back to watch dvd’s of himself scoring so he ‘recaptures the feeling’.


Withough wanting sympathy, Tim spoke about the hardships of coming from a poorer family and making it in the English Premier League. He doesn’t take anything for granted and will never ever say no to an autograph or photo as he wants to be real and accessible to those who support him. Was really nice to see a totally grounded athlete who’d prime motivation is to be a great role model for young Australian footballers, hence his 11 hour training camp with kids in Sydney last Sunday.


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