Ed Hardy – Beware the ‘Burberry Curse’

Ed Hardy Party- beware the 'Burberry Curse'

Ed Hardy Party- beware the 'Burberry Curse'

When I was working in New York on luxury brand Jaguar I remember my old boss talking about the ‘Burberry Curse’ – the fact that the brand fell apart as chavs from all over Britain started wearing the label and the fact the brand didn’t differentiate between its communication and consumption target.

Unfortunately, I think Ed Hardy is falling into the same trap.  It’s positioned as a luxury brand but it’s followers are from it.  Just the other week here in Sydney the Ed Hardy party was on, it was a shocker, full of fake tits, orange spray on tans, D-grade celebs and everyone trying a little too hard to show their allegiance to Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is the new Von Dutch, Christian Audiger moved as head designer of VD over the Ed Hardy a few years back and has been making waves since. I find the brands clothes garish, but maybe cos I’m not cool enough, orange enough or have my hair styled enough to pull them off??

Ed Hardy charges a premium for their product (up to $180 for a tshirt) they’ve been successful in getting celebrity endorsement from guys like Beckham, but hey, he’ll flog anything these days. Spoke to a few 17yr old dudes today and asked them about Ed Hardy:

“I would never be seen dead in that junk, it’s so try hard…it’s like you’re trying to be half emo, and half chick…not cool” JD, 17

Ed Hardy is for wogboys who think they are unique…like trying to show you’ve got money when really you don’t..” Seth, 19

Was pretty interesting hearing these two young guys bag out the brand and what it stands for. Having said that, the best brands in the world polarise, so maybe Ed Hardy isn’t so bad after all? I still worry though about the ‘Burberry curse’ as there was so much wannabe money at their event, the fact that teens in Blacktown will be wearing FAKE  Ed Hardy kit must have the Ed Hardy owners worrying.  I would be.


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