DC Shoes Gymkhana infomercial with rally driver Ken Block

Another youth skate brand producing cool content, but not in the world of skate culture. They’ve extended their reach into the world of rally. On the back of the original Gymkhana practice video with DC shoe sponsored rally driver Ken Block which got 20million views, here’s the follow up. It takes the ‘infomercial’ to the extreme, but I like the fact that it’s over branded and a little over the top…it  doesn’t pretend to be anything but showboating on behalf of Ken Block and DC shoes. It’s also a great wrap for Subaru, as all their WRX fans will be loving this content. It’s a little long, but a nice piece of content for 20something year old car nuts and a great job of flogging DC apparel. The DC shoes youtube channel isn’t too bad either


One thought on “DC Shoes Gymkhana infomercial with rally driver Ken Block

  1. That’s awesome. Ken Block is a pretty amazing dude, I just saw a featurette on him on ESPN…I never realized he was a co-founder of DC Shoes, it’s really great to see how well he’s done for himself in rally car despite his late start. I would highly reccomend checking out the “Being Ken Block” feature, besides having great info on Ken it features some cool racing clips as well as one of my favorite songs (music and action sports always go so hand in hand), “Son of Cain” by Ted Leo + Pharmacists. There’s a video clip of it at http://displacedbrett.wordpress.com/2009/07/31/being-ken-block/

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