10 Ways to use Mobiles to connect with Gen C

The 3rd screen (mobile phone) is the lifeline of young people today. They can’t live without it, they feel naked if it leaves their side. It’s social isolation if the lose it. It accelerates their social life..it’s a change agent, is sparks a chain reaction of new events. It’s their companion. Over the next few years, the penetration of smart phones will explode in Western markets, in fact, it already has exploded. The boys at Mobile Youth have the stats. And so, marketers more than ever have to include ‘m

Key elements of Mobile Media

Key elements of Mobile Media

obile marketing’ in their marketing mix as a key channel to engage. Here are 10 ways to use mobile media to connect with youth:

 1. IT’S A CAMERA – Let youth get famous for their pics/lifestyle or enter picture contests..better still let them interact with QR codes and digital imaging software

2. IT’S A VIDEO CAMERA – What short films, content can you deliver to youth or engage them with that they are happy to watch on the run..or shoot themselves

3. IT SENDS TEXT MESSAGES – Ask for short bits of feedback, votes, polls, opinions, blurbs and blog posts, AND (most importantly), let them easily share content with friends

4. IT’S LOCATION AWARE – Make special offers when users are near your other media, retail environments – lead them to the nearest shop, trigger instant, location specific offers

5. IT SENDS EMAILS – Help youth alert friends and share their life experiences

6. IT’S A MUSIC PLAYER – Share a tune, podcast, ringtone…music is the universal youth language

7. IT’S A VIDEO PLAYER – Show a trailer, promo..let them interact with as much as possible…deliver branded entertainment NOT ads (unless it’s killer)

8. IT’S A CALENDAR- mobiles facilitate their social life, so give people ability to mark the dates if you’re running youth events

9. IT’S A BROWSER – ensure your mobile campaigns link to mobile websites and have all the functional/ecommerce capability as well as the entertainment stuff

10. IT’S AN ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE – most importantly, the mobile is an entertainment device, whether that be through games, apps, wisgets….give them something to make their lives better  when they’re on the run and have time to kill


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