Welcome to my world..the world of Red Bull

Red Bull recently launched 3 global TV ads departing from their traditional silly animation ads. They feature 3 of their best athletes, Liam Walsh (surfer), Robbie Maddison (moto X) and world famous B-Boy Ronnie. I really like the thought of ‘Welcome to my world’, as it’s an invitation to experience seekers around the world to live the Red Bull lifestyle.  Live the dream. It’s not about the drink, it’s about pushing it to the limits and belonging to a tribe, a tribe that is about living intensely, pushing yourself, achieving.  They’re returning to their core, what made them famous, owing extreme sports and consolidating that leadership status when hundreds of other brands are mimicking them.. Like Nike, Adidas, they have ahtletes they need to use, and I like the fact that they’ve picked 3 very different athletes with very different personas. If I was in charge or Red Bull marketing I would explore the ‘mental side’ of extreme performance a little more, as I think that’s what’s really interesting in terms of storytelling. This is  real, it’s raw, not manufactured. Obviously it wouldn’t win at Cannes and they are not super original nor creatively that fresh, but in terms  of effectiveness, I bet kids around the world are watching go ‘fuck’n hell, that’s cool, gonna get me some of that”


One thought on “Welcome to my world..the world of Red Bull

  1. If you go to the website it is more than just a company it sponsors those athletes and gives a lifestyle and everything just go to the website

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