Gen C live for the weekend

Gen C live for the weekend

Gen C live for the weekend

The weekend is the most important time of the week for Gen C. I recently did some research with a bunch of 20somethings and we got talking about the importance of the weekend in their life. It’s everything. Firstly, the weekend isn’t 48hrs. It starts Thursday night and ends late Sunday night. The weekend is the time when their social life is amplified to the max. It’s a time when they can really be themselves, when they can break free from the stereotypes and rules put on them by family and work pressures. It’s the time for them to be bold and try new things. As one guy put, the weekend is ‘freedome from slavery’.  It’s a time to express yourself, laugh at yourself, push yourself,  share ourself, motivate yourself. Most importantly, the weekend represents a platform for creating a story for the following week:

It’s 3 days to create a mammoth experience you’ll spend the following 2 days talking about and then the following 3 preparing for the next” Stephen 24, Sydney

Brands looking to engage with youth need to look at the weekend as the key time to connect, as this is the time they’re most social and most likely to want to engage with any brand experience you create. It’s also about giving them stuff to do on the weekend. They’re already super social, if you want to get on their radar, DO something amazing for them on the weekend.

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