Youth Marketing is about ‘CULTURE CREATION’


Felix Baumgartners original air suit he used to cross the English Channel - Red Bull Hangar 7, Salzburg Austria

Felix Baumgartners original air suit he used to cross the English Channel - Red Bull Hangar 7, Salzburg Austria

The most important thing a brand trying to connect with youth has to do is to CREATE CULTURE. It’s not about making ads, they are disposable and there is so much great content out their entertaining and inspiring youth that you have to do more. You have to CREATE culture. It’s not about big budgets, it’s about fresh thinking, ingenuity and having the balls to take risks, knowing that a few things you do may flop, but youth will give you cred for having a go. Red Bull are probably the worlds best brand in creating culture. They don’t sponsor events like every other energy drink brand, they create their own on all parts of the energy spectrum. From extreme energy like the Red Bull Air Race, to the recent Paper Plane Competition that was running in Austria in early May, that’s further down the ‘energy spectrum’. Red Bull are smart, they play across the entire energy spectrum, using their extreme culture stuff like Felix Baumgartner Base jumping, F1, Air Races, big wave surfing, and Sean White secret halfpipe to entertain their hard core enthusiasts, and on the other end of the spectrum use events like Flugtag and more mainstream events to engage the masses. They recently had a vintage Red Bull ski race in Colorado paying tribute to ski racing in 1976. Even T-Mobile are creating culture with their flash mob events, it’s probably got another 1-2 events before it runs out of steam, but it’s innovative and true for a brand that plays in the socialisation business, that is telco’s. Nike and Adidas also have been creating culture for a long time, but now they are cluing on to the fact that they need to ‘do stuff’ for youth, hence Nike ‘Bootcamp’ 08 was such a hit with European youth. I expect them to come up with something amazing for World CUp 2010 which gets youth involved in training up for their own world cup potentially?

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