One Young World – 1500 youth from 192 countries to create real change

One Young World will give young people a place to engage and have their voices heard about their future. It’s already got the support of Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof among others as counsellors. 1500 leaders of tomorrow born between 1984-1987 will be elected by their peers from 192 countries around the world using’s platform. They will come together first for a leadership summit in London on February 8th-10th 2010. Am proud to say my old boss and mentor David Jones, CEO of Havas is one of the key business leaders behind the idea. 

The Mission

To give young people a leading voice on the world stage by integrating social networks globally. One Young World connects the ingenuity and creative energy of future leaders from every country and every sector, and equips them with the right tools, mentors, and supportive environment to:
• Craft bold, unified Resolutions to guide current world leaders in shaping the future that their generation will inherit;
• Develop the leaders of today and tomorrow; and
• Build a network of shared understanding and purpose for positive future impact.

The One Young World delegates will address five of the key issues affecting the world:
1. The Environment and its protection
2. Developing Political Leadership for a positive future
3. Global business and its role in shaping society through the economy
4. Global Health, its polarities and impact
5. Religion and Interfaith dialogue

A fantastic initiative to inspire youth to work together to create real change.


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