Apple Camp targets 8-12yr old Gen C’ers

I’ve spoken a fair bit about Gen C and their passion for unleashing their creative side via digital media. Apple is obviously a brand that has spearheaded the ‘creative class’ across all ages. Now they are venturing into the tween market.  The social media stats suggest that remixing behaviour and creativity via online channels kicks in at about 13, up until then kids are really absorbing content and just chatting online. Well, Apple have just set up Apple Camp – 3 hr workshops exclusively for 8- 12year olds. They get schooled on how to create a movie, record a song, create a presentation..basically start showcasing their creativiy..on Apple products of course. This is obviously really smart from a consumer lifecycle point of view. Hook them in early and keep their parents happy during the holidays.

Apple Camp- all trails lead to creativity

Apple Camp- all trails lead to creativity

Apple already gets the teens in with great design and functionality, now they are inspiring young people and fostering their creativiy through their Apple Camp. It’s a natural extension of what they do with the Genius Bar and their other tutorials. Nice work Apple.


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