Japanese and Swedish Fashion brands the coolest in London

Things may get a little quiet around here the next few weeks as I’m on a work/holiday trip to Europe for two weeks, culminating in a little trip to the French OPen tennis next week. I spent half the day yesterday walking around Soho, Covent Garden in London and my favourite store was definitely Swedish brand WESC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy). Apparently the brand has been around for 10 years in its native Sweden but only recently hit London. It not only has amazing kit, kind of like Nudie jeans but the instore experience is spot on. Simple, sleak, the language they use on the labels is awesome .Love the brand. It’s interesting that Sweden is having a renaissance on all things cool at the moment. I also really like Japanese brand Superdry, their Covent Garden was definitely the most interactive store I went in, except for Nike Town probably. Also, a quick shout out to Graham and Josh from Mobile Youth, had the pleasure of meeting those two cats yesterday for a catch up on all things youth..very cool.

Will be mountain biking and kite surfing in Austria next week so will hopefully interview some ‘extreme livers’..I’m heading to the Red Bull hangar so will report back on that experience, as you all know I’m a huge RB fan.


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