5 Participative Branding Communication Rules

THe Forrester Participation Pyramid in Social Media

THe Forrester Participation Pyramid in Social Media

I wrote a post last week about Participative Branding and Brand Ecosystems which I morphed from a Digital training seminar I went to a few weeks back. In explaining the how Participative Branding works and some great examples of it in recent years, most notably the AMEX ‘Members Project’, here is a comms checklist for particpative branding success:

1. Ensure you stand for SOMETHING PEOPLE CARE ABOUT to get involved with and participate..big things, important things, global issues, everyday dreams, polarising things, taboo subjects. Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World, Amex Project, Nike Bootcamp are good examples.

2. The brand idea needs to be big enough and FLEXIBLE enough to create a brand ecosystem – a brand community that stays alive and is stimulated in between campaigns – remember, stimulate conversations, discussion debate.

3.  Facilitate MULTIPLE ways to participate for people on different levels of the Participation Ladder (See above).

4. Ensure the majority of consumer touchpoints invite participation

5. Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT and fail..if you put 10 things out there, 3 or 4 will work….fail forward


One thought on “5 Participative Branding Communication Rules

  1. Yes, the present generation has come of age. And the members of the new generation are experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected via social network(s). In short, it is an EPIC Generation. The members of this generation do have participative branding strategies.

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