T-Mobile Trafalgar Square Singalong Event..nice work

T-Mobile are one of the only telco’s that realise that they’re not in the phone business, they’re in the business of ‘shared experiences’. As a follow up to the infamous “Liverpool Dance’, they’ve come up with this belter. For those who havent seen it, they invited people along to Trafalgar Square on April 30th, passed out microphones and then used Pink to create a giant singalong to the most famous British song of all time, ‘Hey Jude’. It’s a great example of how a brand that’s standing for something far bigger than cheap calls, they are actually stimulating great experiences between friends, and this in a nutshell, is all youth want..to share great/memorable experiences. They’re building their content off the back of it, far more engaging than another dreamy brand ad from o2.  The execution  could have been better, but hats off for doing something fresh and LIVE.

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