Sega ‘Offset The Evil’ – Gold Pencil at One Show 2009

Last year when I was at BBDO Sydney I had the pleasure of working on a cool little brand called SEGA. We all grew up with Sega Megadrives, alas, they are no more, but SEGA still create cool games for the XBox360, PS3 and wii platforms.

In 2008, Sega asked us to launch a brutally horrific game called Condemned 2, players are able to commit murderous acts and behave badly. At the time there was alot of talk of carbon footprints and the like, so we used this analogy for the brief, lets try and help players REDUCE THEIR SIN FOOTPRINT, cos they’ll need to after playing Condemned 2. It worked a treat.

The idea created was called ‘Offset the Evil’ and it just one a Gold Pencil in Integrated Branding  at 2009 One Show in New York..well done boys.

The idea was all about encouraging people to ‘offset the evil’, whether singing along with the sickly sweet Saturday-morning cartoon songs or playing the games on the site. By offsetting the evil you can reduce your sin footprint just enough to re-visit the scarring black horrors of Condemned 2 once more.


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