DARK IS IN FOR AUSSIE YOUTH…Twilight breaks DVD sales records

Dark is definitely in big time when it comes to youth culture. Last year we had the massive success of ‘The Dark Knight’, now cult teen movie ‘Twilight’ has smashed Aussies DVD sales by selling 264,077 units in its opening weekend. For a little country, that’s a truckload. Young people are excited by the idea of the super natural, the mysterious, the macabre….they always have been, they always will be. The difference to previous generations is that ‘dark is now sexy’. The ‘goth’ or ’emo’ baggage is now gone and dark has really hit mainstream youth culture.  Bam Marguerra has been the posterboy of dark culture hitting mainstream via his crazy stunts and bodyart. Last year I was lucky enough to work on the launch of Samedi energy drink, the positioning was all around ‘supernatural energy’ and we created a documentary around the products namesake, Voodoo spirit Baron Samedi..check it out at samedisays.com  Anyway, enough plugging my own work..hehehe  Every teen I’ve spoken to the past few months has mentioned how they cant wait for Twilight 2….so well done to Twilight.

Cult teens movie 'Twilight' breaking DVD sales records in Australia

Cult teens movie 'Twilight' breaking DVD sales records in Australia


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