Youths biggest fear = ‘being a social outcast’

The rise of web 2.0 technology and social networking platforms now means that the biggest fear facing youth is that of being a social outcast. Belonging has always been a universal need for youth, we all need to belong to tribes to help us create our individual identities and share moments. The social and community aspect of youth tribes has been turbocharged by the internet and mobile telephony. If a 16yr old isn’t on Facebook, myspace, MSN or have a mobile, they are indeed outcasted from their social group and hence their self esteem is damaged significantly. Teens describe their mobiles as OXYGEN..they literally can’t live without out, words like ‘naked’, ‘desperate’, ‘best friend’ are how they describe their mobiles. While digital technology has brought us together via social networking sites, it’s also formed a schism for youth who don’t want to invite the world into their lives, those that don’t ‘connect’ are outcast from their tribes, and as a growing teen, that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

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