Junk Sleep the new junk food for teens

I read a stat the other month which showed that Australian youth compress 38 hours worth of activity (in terms of consuming content) within a day. Todays teens are incredibly overstimulated, particularly in their bedrooms as their iphones represent an umbilical chord to their social network and entertainment. JUNK SLEEP is the new junk food, and will be a major worry for  parents across the country in the coming years. Teens will be sleeping less hours, due to the fact their minds can’t ‘turn off’ as they are constantly consuming information, images, music etc. I read an MTV stat saying 40% of teens claim to be tired during the day, no shit. I think we’re going to be looking at an overtired generation and an increase in sleep disorders and anxiety disorders. I hope not, but the last 3 teens I’ve spoken to have said they always have broken sleep. Many of you out there will say ‘Gen C internalise technology’ due to the fact they’ve grown up with it, I agree with this, but there is only so much our neurons can handle in a day, before we hit the pillow.

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