Great Aussie branded content – 6 Beers of Separation

This is a nice piece of branded content coming out of Australia. It’s for Tooheys Extra Dry – who was  famous for the ‘tongue’ ad of a few years back. This idea is called ‘6 beers of separation‘ – basically, 4 Aussies are chosen to try and meet their heroes through 6 beers of’s kind of like a watered down version of the Amazing race. It’s well shot and the trailer looks pretty interesting, interesting enough for me to want to check it out further. Like all decent brand content, branding isn’t rammed down your throat, but is there and play a role in the storylines.  I think it will engage the interest of 18-25yr old it has a nice indie feel to it.6 Beers of Separation is underway

Word has it, that it will culminate in a 60 minute doco on Foxtel, we’ll see – definitely feels right for the MTV crowd. Well done TED for putting out something interesting, albeit not completely original.

5 thoughts on “Great Aussie branded content – 6 Beers of Separation

  1. Might be my violent loathing of reality content, but I was pretty underwhelmed by this when I saw it advertised all over YouTube. Radical Media came up with a decent concept, but the execution renders it just another raindrop in the reality programming deluge pounding our umbrellas.

    Is it an unbreakable rule for reality shows to compromise said reality by introducing the characters discovering they’re on the show, despite the obvious presence of cameras capturing the “surprise”?

    And the branding (in this preview at least) is as subtle as a Rob Schneider comedy, with Tooheys Extra Dry featured conspicuously at least 4 times. Its a preview for a series, they risk turning off audiences of the actual series with clumsily embedded branding. Saving the heavy branding for the series would allow it to occur organically.

    I’ll reserve full judgment when they release the full series, but so far I give this 4 meh’s out of 5.

    National Public Radio in the US did a pretty good online reality series called Project Song where musos are given 48hrs to write, compose and record a song.

    A US coffee chain called Stumptown provided bikes to their poor Rwandan coffee farmers and promoted it through Good Magazine

    • agree with you on the branding…when i was at BBH and we were doing Gamekillers one of the biggest rules we had was to ‘underwhelm’ them with branding….

      • At least the subjects seem like decent God-fearing folk.

        I had a meeting with Radical when they were fielding for applicants. I was surprised that they were having troubles finding decent subjects, since I’d figured that everyone wants their 15min these days. It was November last year and they were coming to the end of pre-production, so I’m happy that worked out for them.

        I heartily look forward to the blond singer’s reckoning with the producer who diplomatically tells her she’s never had formal singing training…

      • ‘Underwhelm’ is a great way of putting it, despite the word’s negative connotations.

        Oh yeah, and I’m happy to see more Australian advertising trying out branded content, for ’tis the way of the future.

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