Youth marketing tip: Don’t try and be my mate !!!

Fridays rant. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The biggest mistake youth brands trying to connect with youth is trying to change their brand behavior and ‘act like a mate’. You know who you are. On so many client briefs for brand wanting to connect with youth i’ve seen the words ‘Lets have a peer to peer conversation’…Like it’s so easy. Yes some brands can have a peer to peer conversation, those are the brands who have let young people into their brand for many years, and now young people are truly part of the DNA. The vast majority of big brands have just tried to tap into the ‘CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT’ communication trend and think by getting teens to make ads or vote on stuff that all of a sudden you’re having a ‘friendly conversation’ with them. Keep dreaming. They don’t want you to be their mate, they’ve got plenty of them on Facebook, Myspace, IM. Be who YOU are. Be Authentic. Have something to say, a clear point of view on the world. Be useful. Be inspiring. Sure invite them in on your conversation, but remember your role to stimulate conversations in culture, not try and be your consumers ‘best mate’. Rant over for Friday.


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