Competitive pressures affect teen girls more than boys

According to a 7 year study in the southern part of NSW, teen girls ‘lose hope’ from Year 7-10 (from ages 13-15), struggling to get it back by the time they hit Year 12. Girls react more strongly to personal events than boys of the same age, teen boys find it easier to ‘distract’ themselves from such as issues as relationship problems or overbearing parents. Girls, in general, seem to take it more to heart. But the big insight here is that the ‘competitive pressures’ of being a teen affect teen girls more strongly than boys. A girl in Year 10 stated “In Year 7, you compare yourself to yourself, now you compare yourself to others and that’s really undermining”. Louise Newman, professor of psychiatry at Monash Uni said “Girls are still raised to put more focus on relationships, self-reflection and appearance…there’s a huge pressure to be seen as popular by other girls, more so than boys….the relationship between girls is super competitive”. It’s interesting to see that in Australian culture ‘competition’ is encouraged massively on the sporting field, and boys are rewarded and put up on a pedastal for their sporting prowess, whereas it’s clear young teen girls are struggling to deal with the ‘competitive pressures’ of belonging to the crowd.


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