It’s cool to be a CHAMELEON

Young people today no longer identify themselves as belonging to one subculture. They’re no longer just an emo or surfer or skater or gamer. They can be all of the above, depending on their mood. They have SPLINTERED PERSONAS and see themselves as chameleons, constantly changing their colour and adapting. Rather than belong to one individual tribe, it’s now cool to belong to five or six, and it’s all about having different personas within those tribes. So on any one weekend, you could be hanging out with your gamer buddies, then jamming at a mates house listening to indy rock. The worst thing label for a 20 something is to be called ‘one dimensional’. Cool has always been about being authentic to your beliefs and having a clear point of view on the world. Now, cool is also defined by your CHAMELEON like behaviour, the ability to change your colour depending on the environment you’re in. Just look at Johnn Depp, the ultimate chameleon. According to Andy who owns ‘Playground Weekender’ in Australia, the most successful bands at youth festivals are the ones who constantly reinvent themselves and change their colour. Brands targeting young people must forget about the one size fits all model with youth, it’s all about how you can let them weave in and out of their different personas, as that is the ultimate form of self expression.

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