The Green Teen?

Are Aussie teens as altruistic and environmentally concerned as their global counterparts? The Worldwide Lab at Alcatel Lucent has just completed a global study on teens interaction with all things ‘green’. In a nutshell, ‘Green Teens’ from western cultures ARE more likely to support products which are ‘green’ in some way than Gen Yers and Gen Xers. While more than 66% of the teens on the panel have participated in earth-friendly activities, just over 50% of them call themselves “environmentalists.” Most of their participation in green activities focused on school or civic activities that were compulsory or highly related to their relationships. Teens are sceptical and reveal they don’t know who to trust or what information is truthful when it comes to bands trying to communicate their green creds. They want PROOF and demonstrated business practices showing eco commitment. They want action, not words.
Some key stats on the ‘Green Teen’:

> More than 80% of the panel consider green when making a purchase.
> 40% of Lab Members bought something because it was green.
> 77% said they would pay more for a green product.
> There are gender differences: 91% females consider green versus 71% of males.

Not many brands in Australia have seriously tapped into the ‘Green Teen’ mindset, definitely fertile ground..excuse the pun.


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