GRILL’D – a new way to eat burgers in Sydney

There’s a new burger joint that’s just hit the streets of North Shore and will become a big hit with North Shore youth. I came across ‘Grill’d’ tonight a modern and funky burger store which has just opened in Crows Nest. It’s got a massive brand personality. The place was pumping and they offered interesting burger options with organic ingredients and super fresh produce. They delivered a really engaging brand experience, from the way the teens greet you, to the fit out of the store, it was everything that other big fast food joints are not. What i was most impressed with was the fact that they had a little ‘Book of Truths’ which spoke to the brands POV on burgers and the world. They asked for people’s feedback on the brand and provided coloured pencils for you to doodle on. Even better was the fact that there were Rolling Stone magazin

The TRUTHS of burger store Grill'd in Sydney

The TRUTHS of burger store Grill'd in Sydney

es on the tables for patrons to read. IT was killer. I loved the paintings on the wall which subtly took the piss out of Maccas and Dirty Bird (KFC for my overseas readers). Anyway, check out Grill’d in Crows Nest, I think it will really stand out as a fast food store with a hell of a lot of charisma which doesn’t try too hard. Oh, and the burgers are killer too.


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