Return of the Right Brain Thinker

Are you a right brain or left brain thinker? Which was is the girl turning? If you see her turning clockwise, you’re right brained, if anti clockwise, you’re left brain dominant. Apparently 80% of Australians are left brain thinkers according to UNSW. This worries me. Left brain thinkers are far more logical, linear, sequential, precise rational, objective. Right brain thinkers are more creative, imaginative, intuitive, look at the big picture. Why is it that when kids are at school the first years of their life they use their right brain skills, learning to draw, colour, make image creative and imaginative. You then hit the Australian schooling system and it is completely geared for left brain thinkers. At my school, the dudes that did art were viewed as ‘losers’, while the maths and physics wunderkinds were rewarded with plaudits. My point is, I think the Australian schooling system needs to do more to encourage right brain thinking and creative problem solving. We’ve got amazing web 2.0 tools and kids are now creating on their mobiles like never before, so hopefully we’re seeing the rise of the right brain thinker again. Why don’t we have more youth Think tanks where creative kids get to come together to solve real problems which affect them. Hopefully Aussie schools and BRANDS will catch on and give them further platforms to express their creative side and solve problems using their creativity and imagination.


One thought on “Return of the Right Brain Thinker

  1. Totally agree that we need to encourage creativity.

    But think it’s worth pointing out that this test is pretty flawed, before we get a load of creatives questioning their ability when they see her spinning anti-clockwise!

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