Best content of 2009 – Lewis Hamilton and the RC Grand Prix

Have a look at this new Lewis Hamilton viral from Vodafone in the UK. For me, this is the best piece of content of 2009 so far, bar none. It has all the ingredients to go wildfire on the web. Is it scripted? Most likely. Does it matter? NO. This is the best example of a brand (Vodafone) leveraging its sponsorship of a sporting property. They’ve brilliantly tied in the functionality of the Blackberry Story with every mans childhood dream, controlling a real race car with a remote control. And it’s very sublte too, not in your face. As to whether or not Simon & Steve were really contacted my McLaren, well that’s just part of the folklore that adds to the mythology of the idea. It feels user generated and real and I don’t feel like i’m being tricked at any stage…not like the Witchery campaign.The pay off of seeing Lewis driving his F1 McLaren Mercedes using a Blackberry is worth 3 mins of my time. Love it.


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