Youth Tribe #4: Pouting Princesses

The Pouting Princess..dressed to impress

The Pouting Princess..dressed to impress

So the first three youth tribes I’ve been talking about have been quite male dominated. Now I venture into dangerous territory, a 29yr old bloke talking about a female tribe. Am ready to be tortured, quartered and hung out to dry for this one. Here goes. Whether you’re in Sydney, London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong or Mila, the ‘Pouting Princess’ is the head tilting, hair flicking, wrist flopping, jumbo glass wearing, cocktail sipping girl at a chic hotel bar near you. Think Kate Waterhouse and her posse and you know who I mean. These are the girls who are all about being seen in the right places, they are the social butterflies with a velvet coat. They are cool, they are hot. In Sydney, they only hang out at Zeta Bar, Hugo’s, The Ivy, Absolut Sundays, Shhh Bar and The Piano Room. Come Saturday, they’re at the races, even though they couldn’t give two shits about the race. Funnily enough, these girls are not just the North Shore or Eastern suburbs silver spoon crew, they come from all over, if you glam it up and go in a pack, you’re in. Pretenders can be exposed quickly though. They love the pap and go to any length to make the Sunday social pages. They are dressed to the nine’s and compete for the attention of other Princesses more than blokes. They hunt in packs. Don’t get me wrong, I know a fair few, have even dated a couple, they’re good company…. for a few minutes, until you get bored of hearing about how they’re going out on some rich dudes boat this weekend (Note to self, buy a boat in ’09). They are the ultimate ‘swarm’, they move to wherever the coolest place or people are. Late last year they were all over The Ivy pool bar, in early 2009, they swarmed across to Bondi to the Absolut Sundays pool parties at Bondi’s Swiss Grand. A war broke out for their patronage between Sydney’s bar tzars. Marketers looking to engage with these girls have to majorly appeal to their ego and created brand experiences for them to be ‘seen’ at.


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