What to spend $900 on?

In Australia this week, if you’re over 18 & earn under $100k per annum you will get a tidy $900 deposited in your bank account. So what will the youth of Australia do with this little bonus? Holidays to Bali, Thailand, Fiji and Vietnam are tipped to rise as uni students do a quick trip up to Asia or the Islands. Will PS3’s go up? Will they drop it on a 34 inch plasma? Last time the government gave out fiscal handouts, there was a 15% increase in gambling, will the same happen again? Probably. I spoke a couple of friends this morning and my female friend said she’d be dropping the $900 straight onto her NAB credit card, to pay off the $6k debt she owes. My other mate, said he’d be using it for a surf trip to Bali later in the year..So it will be interesting to see how much of that money actually is used by youth to stimulate the economy here, as opposed to sending 20 somethings off overseas travelling?

One thought on “What to spend $900 on?

  1. Maybe we should start a blog on what to buy for $900 bucks or get everyone to combine their dollars, rent a 747 and throw a kick ass massive party in bali!?? I’d be in on the latter!!

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